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Rundown: Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving was well over a week ago, but we’re just getting back into the swing of things after our holiday in Chicago.


We packed so much fun, family, and food into our never-long-enough visit to my hubby’s hometown.  We ate Lou Malnati’s famous pizza and Portillo’s.  We had lunch in the Walnut Room, visited Millennium Park, the Chicago Cultural Center, Botanic Garden, and got a personalized tour of the Holocaust Museum.  And best of all, we enjoyed as much togetherness, games, laughter, and pumpkin pie as possible.


Of the many things I’m grateful for, I’m grateful that my family’s so supportive of my running.  Navigating Chicago’s wind, ice, snow, and slush was certainly humbling, but also fun!


Monday, 11/23 – REST

Tuesday, 11/24 – 4 miles @ 9:52/mile.  26 degrees with lots of ice and snow!

Wednesday, 11/25 – 5 miles @ 8:44/mile + strength.  40 degrees was so much more bearable!

Thursday, 11/26 – 8.3 miles: 6.3 @ 8:40 + 2 mile cool-down with hubby while Liv napped.

Friday, 11/27 – 2.3 miles @ 8:47/mile, in the rain

Saturday, 11/28 – 4 miles @ 8:48/mile, in the rain

Sunday, 11/29 – 4.1 miles: 3.1 @ 8:37 + 1 mile cool-down.  I couldn’t make a long-run happen due to a glutened belly, wind and rain, plus Liv’s 5AM wake-ups, but I was grateful to manage as many miles as I did.

Monday, 11/30 – 5.3 miles @ 8:38/mile + strength

Tuesday, 12/1 – 6.2 miles: 5.2 @ 8:29 + 1 mile cool-down & strength

Wednesday, 12/2 – REST

Thursday, 12/3 – REST

Friday, 12/4 – 3.3 miles @ 8:45/mile + strength

Saturday, 12/5 – 3 miles, untimed

Sunday, 12/6 – Long Run: 13.2 miles, 1:39:34 (7:31) — that’s 4+ minutes faster than my half-marathon PR!!!!  Started with 4 miles working down from 9:00 to 8:00/mile, 6 miles @ 7:30, 3 miles @ 7:00!  After two weeks off long runs and speedwork, I was so happy for a long, fast run.


We truly had the best time in Chicago, which wouldn’t have been possible (or as awesome as it was) without my in-laws.

Back in San Diego, we spent a few days feeling exhausted, lazy, and nostalgic, but it’s Monday!  And despite Liv’s 4 and 5AM wake-up calls, I’m ready to rock this week by getting to bed at 9PM, planning healthy dinners for the week, a speed run, a 20-miler, at least 3 strength workouts, and fun outings with Liv.

Cheers to a strong, healthy, joy-filled week!


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