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June Rundown

Oh hey, it’s August already!  I guess I should (finally) recap June, huh?

We kicked off June with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, which you can read about here.  It was my last race til November (at least for now), but I’ve been living vicariously through my girl, Eve, who broke 4-hours at Rock ‘n’ Roll (!!!!), AND is training away for the Chicago Marathon in October!  We love our playdates with Eve and her little man (*Not pictured, as he was probably fleeing the park at lightning speed…) and it’s pretty much a guarantee that Liv will take a solid car nap, ha!

June also marked the end of Mommy-and-Me Preschool… sniff sniff…  Now that Liv’s three and fully potty-trained, she’s ready to start preschool on her own!

I’m pretty sure Liv’s ready for more structure… Here she is after she “accidentally” colored her hands with marker.  Or so she said.  What a rascal…

This year was our first family trip to the San Diego County Fair — my first time ever at a county fair!  And wow, it did not disappoint!

We started off with the kiddie rides, which seemed to terrify Liv in the moment, but as soon as they were over with, she was begging for more, talking about how “brave!” she was!

As a gluten-free health nut, I didn’t go to the Fair to eat, but definitely enjoyed scouting all of the creative, bizarre, over-the-top food!  Jared had a fried Reese’s cup and Liv ate cotton candy for the first time, which we told her is a once-a-year treat (*please, please, please don’t give this kid cotton candy unless you’re going to keep her for the next 24+ hours… whew). .

It seems that everything was either wrapped in bacon or fried!  Fried pizza, cheesecake, ice cream, Oreos, pecan pie, Twinkies, string cheese… even butter balls!

As if the Fair wasn’t enough excitement, the church next to our neighborhood held their annual Gran Fiesta, where we couldn’t resist taking Liv for a few more rides.  (And NO cotton candy!)

Mid-month, we flew back to Ohio.  Flying always brings out the kid in me and even though I lost my beloved window seat to my kiddo, I’m thrilled she loves to fly as much as I do (though we try not to be too loud about our excitement over bumps and turbulence, ha)!

In Cincinnati, we soaked up as much family time as possible: we had big family dinners over LaRosa’s pizza, ate at Maggiano’s and Carrabba’s, and brunched at Sleepy Bee.  We played at Swaim Park, went to the pool, storytime at the library, played games, and even saw an accordion show!

Mid-trip, Jared and I headed to Cleveland for our friends’ wedding weekend!  While Liv went to the zoo, swam, and had the time of her life with my fam, Jared and I enjoyed a mini college reunion, quality time with Jared’s parents, who drove in from Chicago, and of course, the beautiful celebration of Ali and Dom’s love.

I even got to workout, nap, and get ready on my own!  In peace!

Father’s Day was extra special as we started off the day in Cleveland, with Jared’s parents, then drove back to Cincinnati for dinner with my family.  It was such a gift, getting to spend Father’s Day with both of our dads!  And of course, my baby daddy…

The long travel day back to San Diego was a breeze with our expert traveler, who loves moving sidewalks and airplane movies.

We made it home in time for Shay’s 6th birthday party.  Even though I had to work, I got a play-by-play from Liv about the “REAL Tinkerbell,” face painting, endless swimming, and “REAL fairy-dust!” cake.  It was another best day ever for our joyful little girl (and the birthday girl, too)!

We finished out the month with a way-too-short, but heart-filling visit with my dear friend, Snaves, and her two girls, Molly (almost 3) and Clara (just turned 1).  They moved away from San Diego less than a year ago, and Liv still asks to visit them every time we drive by their old exit.  With a couple thousand miles between us now, these little reunions over Panera and rowdy playgrounds reinforce that we’re friends for life.

And life is good!


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  1. Next time you’re in Ohio if it’s at all possible, I’d love to drive over and meet finally! I’m only about 3 hours away


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