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Cookie: 22 weeks

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!  I’m a couple days late with this 22 week update, because my parents and brother are in town from Ohio! How we’re growing?:  At 22 weeks, our little guy’s about 12 inches long and the size of a spaghetti squash, though he feels more like a bowling ball on my bladder, ha!… Continue reading Cookie: 22 weeks


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Cookie: 20 weeks + Race Recap

Written:  Thursday, 11/10 How we’re growing?:  At 20 weeks, baby’s about the length of a banana (or the size of a gameboy!  Remember those?!) and nearly one full pound!  The bump is definitely growing… How I’m feeling? / What we’re up to?:  These last couple weeks have been so full of awesome, that all my… Continue reading Cookie: 20 weeks + Race Recap

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Cookie: 18 weeks

Written:  Tuesday, 10/25 I won’t hit 18 weeks until Thursday, so I’m a couple days early with this update, but we’re so excited (and busy!) preparing for our trip to Chicago for a whirlwind week of travel, family, friend-time, a wedding, and Halloween! How we’re growing?:  At 17 weeks, my pregnancy apps. say Baby Cookie’s… Continue reading Cookie: 18 weeks

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Cookie: 14 weeks

Written:  Thursday, 9/29 At 13 weeks, Cookie was the size of “Nemo,” and by 14 weeks, has grown into a “Cinderella mouse!”  We’re also officially in the second trimester!  My little baby bump is getting more obvious, though I’m still disguising it under big, flowy shirts most of the time. How I’m feeling?/What we’re up… Continue reading Cookie: 14 weeks

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Cookie: 12 weeks

Written:  Thursday, 9/15 How I’m feeling?:  As of today, we’re 12 weeks pregnant, and while we’re getting closer to the second trimester, I’m still battling the nausea and exhaustion every day.  It seems like every “almost normal” day is immediately followed by an absolutely horrendous day of vomiting, headaches, and fatigue.  I’m hanging in there,… Continue reading Cookie: 12 weeks

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Cookie: 10 weeks

Written:  Thursday, 9/1. Four years ago, I was writing weekly recaps of my pregnancy with Liv.  Back then, she was “Bob,” short for baby-on-board.  Look at Bob, now!: Today, I’m 10 weeks pregnant with baby #2, who Liv nicknamed “Baby Cookie,” though “Baby Lollipop” and “Baby Marshmallow” are also in her regular rotation. I’m hopeful… Continue reading Cookie: 10 weeks