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Cookie: 12 weeks

Written:  Thursday, 9/15

How I’m feeling?:  As of today, we’re 12 weeks pregnant, and while we’re getting closer to the second trimester, I’m still battling the nausea and exhaustion every day.  It seems like every “almost normal” day is immediately followed by an absolutely horrendous day of vomiting, headaches, and fatigue.  I’m hanging in there, and I’m grateful Liv and Jared are hanging in there with me, because I know it hasn’t been easy for them either…

How we’re growing?:  At 11 weeks, my Ovia app said Cookie was the size of Brussels sprout, who’s grown into an apricot by 12 weeks.  And big sis is growing, too — I’d say she weighs as much as two watermelons (~36 pounds), ha!

We moved into our house when Liv was only three weeks old, so she’s been the baby of the neighborhood for a long time.  But last week, she became one of the big kids right before our eyes… walking home from school with Shay (6) and Aria (1.5).

What I’m eating?:  Since nothing sounds especially appetizing, I’m working really hard to get nutritious foods in me (and not just toast and ice cream…).  Liv helped me make zucchini noodles, which we threw together with sundried tomatoes, chicken meatballs, and creamy, melty (pasteurized) goat cheese — It was heaven!  And I’ve been doing a lot of spins on fried rice, by sauteeing broccoli slaw or cauliflower rice with avocado oil, eggs, and other veggies.  So easy and yum!

My sweet tooth isn’t gone, but I’ve been craving salt lately… and hiding jars of pickles in the back of the fridge, hoping Jared won’t steal them, ha!

I’ve always been a “weird” eater, combining foods to make unusal “concoctions,” as my sis-in-law calls them — everything-but-the-kitchen-sink in my oatmeal, chili on my salads, salsa on cottage cheese on rice cakes… This one was new to me, though: a cheese omelet on peanut butter toast, which turned out to be so. stinkin. good.

As for Liv, she’s still madly in love with marshmallows…

What we’re up to?:  Liv loves school!  Since I’ve been such a miserable, lethargic, not-fun-mommy, I can’t help wishing she had school more than twice a week!

With Jared’s work schedule ramping up, I’m always on the lookout for new activities to burn off Liv’s energy, with minimal effort from this exhausted mama, who can’t stand being out in the never-ending summer heat…

We go on a lot of grocery store outings.  Costco’s a favorite, because of the samples, of course.  Ralphs has little kids carts that Liv enjoys pushing.  And Sprouts is next to PetSmart, where we pop-in to “say hi” to the guinea pigs, fish, and mice.

The library is another favorite, because there’s an awesome kids area and play room.  Plus, I’m always grateful to switch up our nightly reading.  Recently, we’ve been on a Care Bears kick, which was my favorite growing up, so that’s fun!

The mall is a little bit of a drive, but there’s a great play area, where Liv can run off some energy, while I savor the free air conditioning!

Sunday is the only day Jared and I are both off of work, so we always make the most of it.  And when we get a holiday, like Labor Day, we swim with the Landaus!

We’ve got some new adventures in the works: preschool yoga, open gym, and gymnastics starting in November.  Plus, I’m ready for some holiday fun… Is it too early to make a pumpkin pie?!

Running with Cookie:  I can’t say I’m feeling better or like my running self again, but I’m still getting out there, and once or twice a week, I feel pretty decent!  Two things renewed my motivation:

#1)  Registration for the Boston Marathon opened on Monday, 9/12.  After nine years of running and 22 marathons, I finally qualified for the 2017 race, but it’s only 2.5 weeks after my due date.  Jared — being the best, most supportive husband in the world that he is — tried to convince me that I could walk the marathon and even brought it up with our midwife, but that’s not the Boston I’ve been dreaming of for so many years.  Besides, I’m already dreaming about watching the Boston coverage on TV, with my hubby, and our two kiddos!

#2)  For years, I’ve been motivated by my race schedule, always training for my next big finish line.  I had a lightbulb moment a few nights ago as I reread Liv’s birth story.  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also the best high of my life.  And so I’ve got to keep running, and training, for that “finish line” with baby Cookie.

Weeks 11 & 12 in Review:

  • Workouts:  9 runs of 2-5 miles, 1 strength workout, & 1 marathon day of cleaning & laundry!
  • Miles with Cookie:  273 miles
  • Weight gained:  +5 lbs.
  • Favorite foods:  Udi’s millet-chia toast with cheese, eggs, peanut butter (or all 3 together, ha!), salmon salad, black bean chili, frozen dark chocolate chips, and pickles
  • Next appointment:  6 days!
  • Highlight:  Labor Day with the Landaus was an especially good day, because I had a great run, ate my weight in watermelon, and felt less sick and more excited than I have in awhile.  It reassured me that the best is yet to come

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