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Cookie: 16 weeks

Written:  Thursday, 10/13

How we’re growing?:  At 15 weeks, Cookie was the size of an apple, and by 16 weeks, is the size of an avocado… which I can’t think about without craving Chipotle… mmm… My belly’s definitely popping!  And I’m so excited to be feeling the first flutters of teeny-tiny baby kicks!

How I’m feeling?:  I’m having fewer waves of nausea and haven’t thrown up in several days (!!!!)… Just in time for Liv to come down with a nasty cold, quickly followed by Jared, and then me… Womp womp… I was feeling especially awful, so when Liv’s buddy was diagnosed with strep throat, the midwife encouraged me to go to Urgent Care for a strep test.  Luckily, it was negative, but I’m still feeling terrible.  I’m rallying as best I can, and luckily, Cinderella doesn’t mind staying in jammies all day, as long as there’s still time for make-believe.

What we’re up to?:  We kicked off October at a pool party, celebrating the neighborhood twins, Isaiah and Bella, who turned 10!  Liv was over-the-moon to be included in all the big kid fun.  Swimming is always a hit, but there were hotdogs and cupcakes, dodgeball, a water balloon blast, AND three pinatas full of candy!!!! 

Another highlight of Liv’s was the day daddy took her to work wearing her Big Sister shirt!  They picked up donuts on the way and she got to be the center of attention for a couple hours — definitely daddy’s girl…

Back home, she spent the afternoon running around the house with a mini soccer ball under her shirt, saying: “I’m running a race with a baby!”  Okay, she’s mommy’s girl, too…

Running very low on energy and ways to entertain my endlessly energetic kiddo, I filled a bunch of water balloons, and threw Liv in the bath.  She spent close to an hour playing with her “Baby Balloonies,” while I laid on the bathroom floor, laughing at her hilarious dialogue — this kid is a such a goofball!

On Friday, we ventured to San Diego for an always fun visit with Aunt Suzie and all of her animals — especially our (not-so-secret) favorite, Sophie, who recently had surgery.

Last Sunday was the San Marcos Fall Festival, just up the street from us.  Temps were in the 90s, so we procrastinated going until that last couple hours of the day.  By then, the guys manning the kid zone were “over it,” letting the kids, run through the giant inflatable mazes, slides, and bounce houses to their hearts’ content (for FREE)!  Liv kept squealing: “This is the Best. Day. EVER.”

Running with Cookie:  Oh my goodness guys, running feels good again!!!!  Second trimester magic?  Lack of barfing?  New pink shoes?  Fall marathon fever?  Whatever it is, I’ve found my runner’s high again!

My mileage is steadily increasing, and I was stoked to run 10K on Sunday, because I haven’t run more than a 5-miler since July!  The last few weeks have revived my mojo and I’m much more optimistic I’ll be running through March.  I even signed up for the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January — I’ll be 29 weeks pregnant!

Another new development: Yoga!  Months ago, I bought a Groupon for vinyasa yoga.  I’ve loved the power yoga and sculpt classes at this studio, which are heated and intense!  They don’t offer prenatal yoga, so I was nervous about redeeming the Groupon, but hated to see the money go to waste… so I went for it, and have been loving Gentle Yoga, where we focus on breath as we flow from one gentle pose to the next.  It’s bliss!

I might need to get a yoga for two tank…

What I’m eating?:  Along with getting my “run happy” back, I’m eating much more normally again, which is a relief — oatmeal, apples, loads of veggies, and giant salads.  I’m obsessed with the Sweet Kale salad from Costco, but looked up the nutrition info and was shocked those two dressing packets are over 700 calories and loaded with sugar!  I’ve been tossing them and making my own slaw-style dressing with a tablespoon of avocado mayo per half cup of plain Greek yogurt.  A sprinkle of sea salt, the pumpkin seeds and cranberries, and holy smokes, this salad is bomb!

Liv and I have been “playing” in the kitchen more.  Last week, we had fun preparing a Rosh Hashanah dinner to ring in the Jewish new year.  We had sparkling grape juice, challah with honey, plus honey glazed salmon, sweet basmati rice with carrots and raisins, and apple slices.  Everything turned out super yummy (and we devoured everything before I could take pics).  It was a nice night, reflecting on the year behind us and the one ahead…

Weeks 15 & 16 in Review:

  • Workouts:  10 runs up to 6.2 miles, 3 walks, 1 gentle yoga class
  • Miles with Cookie:  348.3 miles
  • Weight gained:  +7 lbs.
  • Favorite foods:  apples, oatmeal, and always, Chipotle!!!!
  • Next appointment:  6 days!
  • Highlight:  Watching Liv grow into a big sister.  We have 5+ months to go, but Liv is ready!  My mom sent a couple “I’m A Big Sister” books, which Liv requests every night.  She smiles from start to finish, making sure I read every word, flapping her hands with excitement as I read about the big sister helping to change and feed and play with the baby.

I’ve always said Jared was born to be dad — it’s so natural for him.  I’m beginning to think Liv was born to be a sister, too.  And just like her daddy, she’s going to rock it!


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