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Cookie: 18 weeks

Written:  Tuesday, 10/25

I won’t hit 18 weeks until Thursday, so I’m a couple days early with this update, but we’re so excited (and busy!) preparing for our trip to Chicago for a whirlwind week of travel, family, friend-time, a wedding, and Halloween!

How we’re growing?:  At 17 weeks, my pregnancy apps. say Baby Cookie’s hitting a growth spurt (about the size of a pomegranate!), so it makes sense that I’m bumping!  And I’m feeling more and more little kicks!  It’s the best.  I can’t wait until Jared and Liv can feel it, too!

How I’m feeling?:  We have a lot of awesomeness coming up, but these past few weeks have been rough.  I was so terribly sick throughout weeks 16 and 17, as my immune system struggled to kick the cold that Liv and Jared had earlier in the month.  I spent several days without a voice because my cough was so severe.  Essential oil home remedies to the rescue…

Between the relentless coughing, congestion, and urge to pee, sleep has also been terrible… and so it begins…

On to happier things…

What am I eating?  I’m continuously drinking water, tea, and chicken broth, and eating really simple, comfort foods: big bowls of oatmeal, soup, chili, and apples.  Ohmygosh, how I love, love, love apples!  And Liv and I even made these peanut butter chocolate chip (chickpea!) blondies, which baby and I devoured!

What we’re up to?:  While sick, I would’ve spent the whole week in bed, but there are no “sick days” as a mom… So life went on as “normal,” despite my virus-stricken misery.  Liv has been remarkably patient with me, tolerating all the extra homebody time, thanks to the Disney Channel, and tons of playtime with her BFF next door.

Liv even took a few naps for me, which are rare these days!

Jared’s working his butt off, but still killing it as Superdad, taking Liv on fun outings to the Fire Station, Safari Park, pool, and playground.

And last Wednesday, Jared was able to join us for our monthly midwife appointment!  My vitals were good, my lungs sounded clear, despite this never-ending cough, and best of all (always), we got to hear baby’s heartbeat.  Just like our last appointment, Liv got to turn on the doppler monitor and wave the wand around on my belly until we heard that amazing, reassuring, it’s-all-worth-it sound: whoosh whoosh whoosh.

We’re also over-the-moon excited that the Chicago Cubs won the National League pennant and will be in the World Series for the first time in 71 years!!!!  Liv wore Aunt Allison’s hand-me-down bedazzled Cubs tank (circa 1990-something, ha!) and Jared cried legitimate tears of joy.

And Baby Cookie must be a Cubs fan, too, because I’ve felt the most kicks so far during the last three games!

Running with Cookie:  While sick, I didn’t run or do any kind of exercise for over a week.  Mostly, I didn’t feel up to it, but even when I finally ventured out for an easy jog, it triggered a coughing fit that sent me right back to my sweats.  Boo…  But — knock on wood — I’m slowly getting back there.

Weeks 17 & (most of) 18 in Review:

  • Workouts:  4 runs (3-6 miles) and 1 walk
  • Miles with Cookie:  365.3 (as of 10/25)
  • Weight gained:  +9 lbs.
  • Favorite foods:  oatmeal, apples, black bean chili
  • Cravings:  my mom-in-law’s turkey chili (which I’ve been dreaming about for weeks!  And ohmygosh!  I get to eat it TOMORROW!!!!)
  • Next appointment:  Our anatomy ultrasound is in 13 days!
  • Highlight:  The Cubs’ National League win!  And hearing Baby Cookie’s heartbeat for the third time!

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