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Cookie: 24 weeks

How we’re growing?:  At 24 weeks, our little guy’s the size of an eggplant and about 1.5 pounds.  I can tell he’s going through a growth spurt, because my appetite and belly are growing big time!

It still surprises me every time I catch my reflection in a window or mirror, so I can’t help myself from taking bump-selfies…

How I’m feeling?:  I try to keep these recaps positive (what you focus on expands), but I want to keep it real, too… and I haven’t been feeling great.  I’ve been complaining a lot (sorry, Jared…), because I’m relentlessly tired.  My back and hips hurt.  The nausea is neverending (though I’m truly grateful I’m not throwing up anymore — knock on wood)!  And when I do manage to get comfortable enough to sleep for a couple hours, I wake up aching and sore.  Some other new symptoms that I avoided in my first pregnancy: heartburn, swelling, and vericose/spider veins.  Yay.

Despite the complaints, I’m grateful, and would endure so much more.  Also, I get to spend every day with this twinkly-eyed bundle of busy love, who’s a constant reminder of the new love-of-my-life that’s soon to come…

Speaking of gratitude, I have to shout out this guy… He’s quick to pick up my slack (and my favorite ice cream), taking care of business as usual, while being the endlessly joyful, super-fun, super-dad that he is.  And never failing to bring me up when I’m down.  I’m forever grateful that he’s on my team!

Speaking of being the best-daddy-ever, yesterday was “Crazy Hair Day” at school and Jared put Liv’s hair in seven ponytails!  He even got in on the fun with his crazy mop and half trimmed beard.  Before they left, Liv asked me: “Do you think baby will be a goofball like us?”  I told her: 100%, yes!  I’m pretty sure it’s genetic, ha!

What I’m eating?:  I’m nauseous and feel full all the time, yet insatiably hungry… and all kinds of lazy… I never feel like cooking, so I find myself snacking on dried mangoes and snap peas, (Liv’s) string cheese, and mugs of cereal with milk.

I keep promising myself I’ll eat more balanced tomorrow, but at least I haven’t resorted to licking the powdered sugar off of pancakes… (which is what someone did at brunch last week).

What we’re up to?:  We finished out most of Week 23 while my parents and brother were in town.  My highlight was definitely spending Thanksgiving together, including the Turkey Trot(s), which I wrote about in my last post.

As always, our time together flew by, but we packed a lot into the visit: family walks, beach trips, a day at the zoo, brunches, dinner at Sammy’s, Shrek the Musical, family movie night, dance parties, games, coffee, gelato, and so much more.  My dad, a.k.a. Mr. Fix-it, tackled several odd jobs around the house (no more leaky faucets or hideous kitchen light fixtures!!!!) and we had some help getting started with our holiday decorating.

Since my family’s visit, we’ve been busy juggling our usual schedule of work, school, and activities, but with some extra fun squeezed in, too.  Jared took Liv to the Breakfast with Santa at her school, where there were pancakes, crafts, face painting, and meetings with Santa, which Liv declined.  When another mom asked her if she’s been good this year, Liv immediately responded: “No!”  Haha… And afterwards, our neighbor (a retired teacher), invited Liv to make cookies — I’m not sure who had the better time!

On Sunday, we had a fun day with friends, where the guys dusted off their a cappella voices to prepare for some caroling gigs.  Not all kids get serenaded into naptime!

Speaking of naptime — just when I think she’s outgrown naps, Liv has a hot streak!

I guess naps are inevitable when you play as hard as she does!  I took Liv to an “inflatable playground” yesterday, where she bounced, climbed, crawled, slid, flopped, and jumped for 2.5 hours straight, before I took her to gymnastics for more activity!  And somehow, I’m more tired than she is…

Running with Cookie:  Always the crazy optimist, I joined the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak through my mom’s running club.  The challenge is to run at least one mile per day, every day, from Thanksgiving (11/24) through New Year’s Day (1/1).

I’ve done running streaks before, but pregnant running is a different beast… I get winded so easily.  I’m feeling these extra lbs.  And I have to pee all. the. time.  Also, I’m running 3-4 minutes slower than my usual pace — who cares, really, but it’s a mental battle for me.  A year ago, I was working so hard to get in the best shape of my life, crushing hills and 7 minute-miles before breakfast, but all of that fitness is (seemingly) long gone.

For now, the running streak is giving me new focus.  It’s not about getting faster, or fitter, or logging as many miles as possible, or qualifying for Boston.  It’s simply about getting moving, every day, for me and my little passenger.

Weeks 23 & 24 in Review:

  • Workouts:  14 runs, including 2 stroller runs, & 1 elliptical workout
  • Holiday Run Streak:  15 days & 56.9 miles!
  • Miles with Cookie:  507.5
  • Weight gained:  +12.5 lbs.
  • Favorite foods/cravings:  Recently, all I’ve felt like eating is Honey Nut Cheerios and dried mango.  And I finally bought some eggnog, mmm…
  • Next appointment:  15 days
  • Highlight #1:  A few days ago, Liv and I walked thru a Carter’s store.  It was the first time I’ve looked at baby clothes in years, so it brought tears to my eyes.  Liv asked: “What’s wrong, mama?”  I told her: “I can’t believe we’re having a baby.  I’m so happy.”  And she threw out her arms to give me an epic bear hug, just like her daddy, and my heart melted into a giant puddle, right there in the middle of the busy store.
  • Highlight #2:  Out of the blue, Liv asked: “Wait a second — Can baby taste your food through the ‘bellican cord’…?”  Ha!  She amazes me every. single. day.


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