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Cookie: 30 weeks + Race Recap

How we’re growing?:  At 30 weeks (gosh, that sounds so far along…) baby’s close to 17 inches, 3.5 lbs., and the size of a cantaloupe!

How I’m feeling?:  I’m overly emotional, battling sciatic nerve/low back pain, restless leg, and guys, I. am. so. tired!  You know what baffles me?  Pregnant mamas who sleep well…

Speaking of tired, look who’s “too big for naps…”

I keep asking her to drive, so I can nap in the car, but she just says, “Ohhh MOM.”

What I’m eating?:  I’m a broken record, but I just want Chipotle every day.

What we’re up to?:  These past few months have been full of holidays, visitors, and fun, and it looks like the next few months are going to keep us busy, too!

January started off with Jared’s 33rd birthday!  (*Random tidbit, because Jared and I love numbers… I’m 33 years old.  Jared’s 33 now, too.  Liv is 3.  And baby is due on 3/30!  AND for the last 3 days of Liv’s 3rd year, I will be 33 weeks pregnant!)

Although his birthday was on a Saturday, Jared ended up having to work, so after sending him off in a suit and “real shoes,” Liv and I made him the peanut-buttery-est Puppy Chow  ever.

We did laundry, survived an insanely crowded trip to Costco, but never got around to making a birthday cake…

When he got home from work, I sent Jared to the grocery to buy his own birthday cake, before we went to dinner with friends.  He insisted he didn’t need one, but you don’t argue with your pregnant wife… “You HAVE to blow out candles on your birthday! — Oh!  And you have to buy candles, too…”

On Sunday, we joined friends for birthday celebration #2!  There was football, endless playing, and another birthday wish (on a way better cake)!

This was Jared by 4PM on Sunday… He may think he’s still 20-something, but this is 33:

After a weekend of birthday shenanigans, we jumped back into our work/school routine, but we’re already planning the next big celebration… this girl’s FOURTH birthday!!!!

Running with Cookie:  I’m still run/jog/walking, and hope to keep going through the remainder of my pregnancy, but I’m shifting my focus to more stretching, strength, and prenatal yoga — which started last week!

Race Recap – Carlsbad Half Marathon:  On Sunday, I ran the third — and final — half marathon of this pregnancy.  The Carlsbad Marathon holds  so many memories for us:

In 2010, Jared and I ran the full marathon weeks before getting married.  In 2013, Jared ran as I spectated, while 38 weeks pregnant with Liv.  And in 2014, I ran in honor of my niece, Jessica, who’d just lost her battle with cancer.  This was our eighth year participating, and it was another memorable one!

Jared and I were up and getting ready when Liv ran out of her room, bubbling with excitement: “It’s race day!”  Jared and Liv dropped me off and I was such an anxious/excited mess that I absentmindedly cut the line for the porta-potties, as I overheard another runner say: “That’s okay, she’s pregnant.”  Oops!  I lined up in Corral 4, exchanged a few texts with Jared, and paced around, trying to stay warm and calm.

The first wave of runners started at 7:45 AM and about 10 minutes later, Wave 4 was released.  Here we go, baby, I thought.

  • Mile 1 – 10:37
  • Mile 2 – 10:05
  • Mile 3 – 11:17

I wish I could say the miles flew by, but I felt awkward and slow as I warmed up and tried to find my rhythm.  At Mile 1, a spectator was yelling: “You’re almost there!” which made me laugh.  At Mile 2, we looped by Levyland, where Jared and I got married almost seven years ago, and as we ran towards Carlsbad Village, I started looking for my fam.

I spotted Jared and Liv just shy of Mile 3, where I stopped for hugs, and ditched my jacket and phone — I was carrying enough between the giant water bottle and basketball belly!

I continued along, feeling lighter and uplifted, as the course paralleled the coastline.  After eight years running this race (and countless training runs along this course!), it never gets old!

I spotted Jared and Liv around Mile 5, and after the course looped north again, there they were at Mile 8.

  • Mile 4 – 10:06
  • Mile 5 – 10:30
  • Mile 6 – 10:35
  • Mile 7 – 11:05
  • Mile 8 – 11:17

This time, Liv was out of her stroller and ready to run with me!

Before parting ways, I forced her to hug me, even though she complained I was sweaty, ha!

Jared said he’d try to see me again at Mile 11, which kept me going, though I was definitely slowing down.  I started taking walk breaks, but also started feeling hungry, and thought: The sooner I finish, the sooner we brunch! 

  • Mile 9 – 11:09
  • Mile 10 – 11:43
  • Mile 11 – 11:48

Mile 11 came and went with no sign of Jared and Liv, so I figured they’d gone straight to the finish.  My thoughts bounced around, an inner dialogue with baby:

This is probably our last pregnant race, little guy… It’s definitely our last half marathon… Pregnant running is so hard… I really want a chicken burrito bowl… I wonder if you’ll like spicy food… I wonder what nicknames we’ll come up with for you… Maybe we could do one more pregnant race together… Oh my gosh, you’re going to be here so soon!

  • Mile 12 – 11:17
  • Mile 13 – 10:32

At Mile 13, I spotted Jared’s red sweatshirt, as Liv ran out onto the course, asking if she could cross the finish-line with me.  Of course!, I said, taking her hand.  And she ran alongside me, exclaiming: You’re running with BOTH your kids, mom!

Jared ran along the sidelines, snapping pics, as my kids (!!!!) and I ran the final tenth of a mile, through the crowds, and towards the finish-line that I’ve crossed so many times before.

Official Finish – 2:25:05 @ 11:05/mile

My heart was exploding with joy as the race announcer called my name and a volunteer handed Liv my finisher’s medal.  She looked up at me, overflowing with excitement: We did it, mom!

Years ago, I would’ve said I run for me, but these races — especially Carlsbad — have come to mean so much more than my personal endeavors.  These races are milestones and celebrations for our family.  On Sunday, I stood at the finish-line, with my joyful daughter and hubby, fully aware that my passion and joy is ours.

Carlsbad Half Marathon 2017 – Rundown:

  • Finish Time:  2:25:05 (11:05/mile)
  • Lifetime Half:  #38
  • Dedicated To:  Baby Cookie
  • Spectators:  2 = Jared and Liv
  • Fuel:  (pre-race) PB&J Larabar and (during) chocolate Gu
  • Favorite Mantra (& Post-Race Treat)“Brunch!” (at Naked Cafe)
  • Favorite SongCan’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

Weeks 29 & 30 in Review:

  • Workouts:  14 run/walks, 2 strength workouts, & 2 prenatal yoga classes
  • Run Streak:  57 days & 206.8 miles
  • Miles with Cookie:  656.4 miles
  • Weight gained:  +17 lbs.
  • Favorite foods/cravings:  Chipotle chicken burrito bowls & dried mangoes
  • Next appointment:  Tomorrow!
  • Highlight:  The Carlsbad finish-line with Jared, Liv, and bump  ❤

Now if you’ll excuse me, best-hubby-ever just came home with the fourth greatest love of my life…

10 (ish) weeks to go!


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