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Cookie: 32 weeks

How we’re growing?:  At 32+ weeks, we’re only 5 weeks away from “full term!”  Baby’s about 18 inches long, 4 lbs., and the size of a large jicama or pomelo.

How I’m feeling?:  Like a mess!  The sciatic pain in my low back and through my left side has gotten worse.  I’m getting terrible calf cramps in the middle of the night that leave me limping around all day.  I’m crushingly tired and often out of breath because baby’s up high, kicking my ribs, and crowding my lungs.  I’m still nauseous.  And I’m a tornado of emotions…

I feel like a mess, but my heart is full of gratitude!  Jared and Liv have been endlessly understanding and patient, showering me with love.  Liv’s extra cuddly, rubbing my belly constantly, talking, singing, and giving hugs and kisses to her baby brother, who loves to poke and kick back at her!  She’s embracing more “big girl” responsibilities: making her bed, getting herself dressed, putting her toys away, and even offering to help me pick up things from the floor: “Because it’s hard for you to bend over, mama!

Liv also started doing what she calls her “shayna punim face” (Yiddish for ‘pretty face’), where she rubs her cheeks with closed eyes and a big grin.  It always melts my heart and makes me happy, and when I asked her where she learned it, she said: “I made it up so you’ll feel better, mama!”

Jared’s been equally amazing with back rubs and trips to Chipotle, but especially with caring for Liv.  He’s giving her all of her baths, putting her to bed most nights, and playing with her endlessly, while I rest — or as Liv says, as I “grow our son.”

What I’m eating?:  I was reunited with ranch dressing (after going gluten-free 10+ years ago — who knew so many salad dressings contained gluten?!) and I’ve been eating giant salads every day since.  Also, I’m loving fruit: apples, blueberries, strawberries, dried mangoes, and shredded coconut — on my oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies… yum!

What we’re up to?:  Hitting 30 weeks was a wake up call — Ohmygosh!  We’re having a baby!  SOON!!!!  I got the urge to “nest,” made a massive to-do list, but my energy has bottomed out, so that’s cruel…

Luckily, I avoided a nasty cold that took Liv and Jared down for a week or so…

And then we had several days of nasty weather, wind and rain, which flooded many of the streets around us, took down trees, and kept us cooped up inside.  Liv’s animals and dolls have been playing school a lot!

We haven’t let the pain/colds/crummy weather keep us down.  We’re taking advantage of the dwindling days we have as a family of three.  Liv already thinks of us as a family of four, saying things like, “I think the four of us should go to the park today!”  So while I constantly wonder what life will be like with our little guy on the “outside,” I know we’re ready  ❤

Speaking of big sister Liv, she’s counting down the days until she turns FOUR!

Running with Cookie:  The Carlsbad Half Marathon was only a few weeks ago, but it seemed to be my “last hurrah” with pregnant endurance running — also ending my 50+ day running streak.  Between the Braxton Hicks, the weight of my belly, and sciatic pain, running just doesn’t feel very good most days.

I’m still walking, with some intervals of jogging at 11:00-12:00/mile, but my focus has shifted to getting ready for baby’s birth day!  I’m going to prenatal yoga classes on Thursday nights, plus stretching, and doing some yoga on my own every day.  I really like this routine:

Weeks 31 & 32 in Review:

  • Workouts:  11 run/walks, 2 prenatal yoga classes, + daily stretching & yoga
  • Miles with Cookie:  688.7 miles
  • Weight gained:  +19 lbs.
  • Favorite foods:  salads with ranch, dried mangoes, smoothies, and Chipotle, now and forever!
  • Cravings:  hot showers everyday! and mom-in-law’s turkey chili, coming soon!
  • Next appointment:  11 days!
  • Highlight:  The day we hit 30 weeks, we were able to spend the afternoon together as a family.  We ventured down to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, where Jared snapped this picture of Liv showering her brother in kisses.  She does this first thing every morning, before bed, and several times throughout the day, but I’m grateful Jared captured this moment — and for all the little moments like these, when the challenges and to-dos melt away, and our little world is just right



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