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Cookie: 39 weeks +1 day

How we’re growing?:  At 39 weeks, our little guy’s around 20 inches long and over 7 pounds!  My pregnancy app. says he’s the size of a small pumpkin, but he feels incredibly large, heavy, and squirmy to me… How I’m feeling?:  I’m uncomfortable, anxious, and really excited!  Weeks ago, I was battling dizzy spells and… Continue reading Cookie: 39 weeks +1 day


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Cookie: 38 weeks

How we’re growing?:  Tomorrow, we’ll be 38 weeks pregnant!  Baby’s probably 19+ inches long and 6-7 pounds — the size of a honeydew melon, spaghetti squash… or a newborn baby!  I get a mix of comments every day, ranging from: “You’re so tiny!” to “Wow, you’ve really popped!”  Whatever your opinion, my midwife’s happy with… Continue reading Cookie: 38 weeks