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Cookie’s Baby Pool

While I should’ve been tackling items from my excessively long and detailed “Before Baby Arrives To-Do List,” I decided to set up “Cookie’s Baby Pool.”  Here, you can guess our little guy’s birth date and time, height, weight, hair color and eye color, as well as the first letter of his name.

Liv recently suggested this could be baby’s name: SIVPB?  (I wasn’t able to get the correct pronunciation out of her…)

The winner of the baby pool will get a “very super awesome prize” from the big sister herself!  So if you want in on the fun, follow the link, click “Enter New Hunches,” and remember to submit your predictions by March 9th to be in the running for that sweet prize!

Click Here for Cookie’s Baby Pool

With love to all! 

Meg (+ Jared, Liv, and “Cookie”)


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