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Leo: 4 months old!

Last weekend marked four months since Leo joined our family.  It’s been a whirlwind of joy, though we’ve had our share of challenges in adjusting to life as a family of four, managing school and job changes, minor house catastrophes, postpartum recovery, and general life stuff (the laundry never ends).  But around the dinner table each night, as we talk about what we’re grateful for, Liv’s favorite thing to say is: “I’m grateful we’re a team.”  Life is just so good.

I blogged every week of Liv’s first few months and had the intention of doing the same for Leo — at least monthly, I thought… but I have a four year old soaking up as much attention as I can offer her.  Being present with my kids is most important, so that’s where I’ve been, snapping as many pictures as I can along the way, and keeping track of milestones via Instagram.  I may not have the time to write like I did four years ago, but I’m cherishing these magical, fleeting days with both little loves.

Now back to Leo!  He’s four months old already and my goodness, look how he’s changed!:

One week old:  Lots of sleeping and cuddles.

Two weeks:  Loves his pacifier (“fassipier,” according to Liv), first trip to the Safari Park, and my first solo days with both kids.

Three weeks:  Still sleepy, snuggly, easygoing, and peeing on mama during most diaper changes (that was a steep learning curve)!

Four weeks:  Liv shared a horrendous cold with the house, and thankfully, it skipped Leo!  His folded ears uncurled in time for an intense breakout of baby acne and dry skin.

Five weeks:  First smiles and first bottles!

Six weeks:  King of hiccups, burping, and farting!

Seven to eight weeks:  Up to 11 lbs. and graduated from newborn clothes and diapers!

Nine weeks:  First trip to the beach and Cubs game!

Ten weeks:  First bow-tie and suspenders!  Billionth heart-melting smile…

Eleven weeks:  Celebrated father’s day with the Big Papa of two!

Twelve weeks:  As smiley and easygoing as ever, loves baths, diaper changes, babbling, and sleeping through the night!

Thirteen weeks:  First laughs!  12.5 lbs. and eyes are still blue!

Fourteen weeks:  First time rolling over (tummy to back)!  First concert in the park, mini-golf outing, and 4th of July fireworks.

Fifteen weeks:  First PRIDE parade and race (outside my belly)!  Loves noisy places, being outside, talking, singing, and music.

Sixteen weeks:  Still loves bath-time and smiling at everyone, but not sleeping through the night anymore…

Seventeen weeks:  Loves playtime, the baby in the mirror, and his sister!

Liv & Leo:  I knew I’d love Leo long before he was born, but I had no idea how much I’d love Liv and Leo together.  Four months in and my heart melts every time she requests to hold (or feed or play with) him.  At four years old, Liv can articulate her adoration, saying things like: “I love Leo with my whole heart!” and “He’s my very best friend forever and ever!”  Even Leo clearly loves his sister, lighting up when she walks in the room, and calming immediately when he hears her voice.  Unsurprisingly, my phone is exploding with hundreds of pictures of the two of them.  I could wallpaper our house…

Leo: 4 Months in Review:

  • Weight:  He’s right around 14 pounds, wearing 3-6 month clothes.
  • Nicknames:  Bubba, Little Dude, Lee-lee, Paxman, Nardo (as in, Leonardo).
  • Eating:  He’s still exclusively on breastmilk (boob and bottle) every 3-4 hours.
  • Sleeping:  Leo is a great sleeper!  He sleeps anywhere, easily, and mostly through the night, currently waking once a night to nurse.
  • Loves:  Smiling (smiling is his favorite!), watching people talk and babbling back, music (especially when daddy plays guitar and this song by Mike Mentz), riding in the Bjorn carrier, playing on his mat, sleeping in his swing, bouncing on the yoga ball, sticking out his tongue, his sister ❤
  • Dislikes:  Getting cold after baths and getting sweaty in his car seat.
  • Highlight:  There are countless highlights from these first four months, but one that stands out to me was at a concert in the park a few weeks ago.  I was overwhelmed and stressed through the day as I scrambled to get ready between taking care of Liv and Leo.  I berated myself, wondering if I’ll ever find my rhythm as a mom of two.  Somehow, I got us to La Costa to meet up with Jared and we made it to the park on time.  We laid out our blankets, snacked on our hodgepodge of a dinner, listened to the perfectly lovely, but forgettable band, and watched the sun dip low in the sky, the ocean in the background.  Leo rolled around on the blanket, Liv zipped around the playground with a dozen rowdy kids, and Jared and I looked at each other, happy.

These are the days 


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