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Revel Canyon City Marathon Training Recap

Fourteen weeks ago, I started training for Revel Canyon City — my first post-Leo marathon!  Every week, I’ve thought: “I need to pop on the blog to write about this,” but life with two kids is crazy (and chaotic, and exhausting, and awesome)!  The challenges are never-ending, but I’ve kept up with about 70% of the training I set out to do.  While I’m not as “ready” as I’d hoped to be, I’m really excited for this race and what’s next!

Training:  Here’s a quick rundown of the training I’ve managed to pull off.

  • Week 1 – 4 runs:  2 easy, 3×1 mile, 11-miler @ 8:40/mile = 24.5 miles
  • Week 2 – 5 runs:  3 easy, 5x800m, 12-miler @ 9:14 = 30.5 miles
  • Week 3 – 4 runs:  2 easy, 10x400m, 13-miler @ 8:23 = 31.1 miles
  • Week 4 – 5 runs:  3 easy, 5×400 + 4x1200m, 15-miler @ 8:37 = 34.7 miles
  • Week 5 – 5 runs:  3 easy, 1 progression, 16-miler @ 8:35 = 35.6 miles
  • Week 6 – 6 runs:  4 easy, 6x800m, 14-miler @ 8:34 = 42.6 miles
  • Week 7 – 5 runs:  4 easy, 18-miler @ 8:44 = 35.2 miles
  • Week 8 – 6 runs:  4 easy, 8x400m, 10-miler @ 8:23 = 40 miles
  • Week 9 – 4 runs:  3 easy, 20-miler #1 @ 9:21 = 33.6 miles
  • Week 10 – 4 runs:  3 easy, 15-miler @ 8:07 = 35.4 miles
  • Week 11 – 4 runs:  2 easy, 1 progression, 20-miler #2 @ 8:35 = 37.5 miles
  • Week 12 – 5 runs:  3 easy, 4x1600m, 15-miler @ 8:08 = 36.7 miles
  • Week 13 – 6 runs:  4 easy, 10x400m, 20-miler #3 @ 8:42 = 48.2 miles
  • Week 14 – 6 runs:  4 easy, 10x800m, 13-miler @ 8:05 = 45.1 miles (*Total = 510.7 miles, so far)

I didn’t stick to much of a plan, but referenced Run Less, Run Faster, and an old “Break 3:30” plan from Smart Coach for pacing targets… which I never hit, ha!  I’m just not there yet!

More important than plans and pace goals, my postpartum training has been all about rebuilding fitness, running hills, and getting back into speedwork and long runs.  I’ve also been doing a lot of stroller running!

Leo’s my main running buddy these days, because Liv has Pre-K three days a week.  This gives us a couple hours for Leo to snooze while I run, then play while I lift.  As for Liv, she’d much rather run than ride, which is basically a dream come true for me.  Over the weekend, we ran three miles to and from the lake, running up every hill, then flying down them, pausing for pushups on the benches (her idea!), and chatting the whole way. I hope there are many miles to come, but I have a feeling I’ll always remember those…

Goals:  It’s no secret that I want to qualify for Boston again — and actually run the Boston Marathon, so all of my goals stem from that seemingly impossible dream that’s been rolling around in my mind for 8+ years…

#1)  But first, I want to FINISH Revel with a smile to run straight into the arms of my family, and be proud, no matter what the time on the clock says!  Leo will be seven months old on race day and I have plenty of training and races ahead of me to BQ and PR.  I want to [need to] enjoy this marathon as a postpartum “comeback!”

#2)  After Revel, I’ll pick a “Goal Marathon” and keep training for a BQ race in early 2018 (like Carlsbad or LA or my 10th Rock ‘n’ Roll in June)!

#3)  Long-term, I want to:

  • Run < 3:45:00 to qualify for the Chicago Marathon (Oct 2018).
  • Run < 3:30:00 to qualify for the Boston Marathon with a 10+ minute cushion, (hopefully) guaranteeing I’ll get a spot in the race (Apr 2019).  I also hope to run the Big Sur Marathon again!
  • Run < 3:15:00 (or < 1:34 in a half-marathon) to qualify for the New York City Marathon (Nov 2020 or beyond…)

Final Thoughts:  What’s more important than all these numbers, miles, paces, and goals, is the fact that running has been my solace throughout these months of postpartum anxiety.  Leo’s middle name, Pax, means “peace,” and it’s so fitting that he sleeps so peacefully on our runs together.  Even if my progress flat-lined, or my motivation for the marathon disappeared, I’d still run.  It’s my therapy.  And for now, I love the big, crazy, seemingly impossible goals, too.

With two weeks til Revel, I don’t know what kind of outcome to expect.  But I do know that I’m excited, confident, and ready to run for the peace and joy of it all.  And for my little squad.

Marathon #23 is for you, Team Lurie!


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