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Cookie: 34 weeks

How we’re growing?:  At 34 weeks, baby’s around 18 inches long, 5 pounds, and the size of a cabbage or cantaloupe.  Although Liv was born right on her due date, I’ve had a gut feeling (and so many dreams that) this little guy’s coming early, so I hope he hangs out another 3 weeks until we’re full-term.  But really, we could have another 6-8 weeks… I just can’t wait to meet him!

How I’m feeling?:  I’m overwhelmingly excited to meet our boy, but I’m continuing to struggle with all the same complaints from last update: sciatic pain, leg cramps, nausea, constant fatigue… The Braxton Hicks contractions are more frequent and more intense.  Baby’s kicks are stronger and more jarring.  And I’m so much more emotional, easily overwhelmed, and in tears several times a day.

As for Liv, she seems to know big changes are on the horizon, because she’s been extra attached to me.

Running with Cookie:  The second question I hear after: “How are you feeling?” is usually: “Are you still running?”  My answer is: I’m trying!  I’ve logged 40 miles in my running shoes over these past two weeks, and while most of those miles are walking, I’m still busting out some very slow intervals of jogging.

I’m also love-love-loving yoga.  I’ve taken several prenatal classes at the community center, which is a very easy, beginner’s-type of class, but recently found a class at a birth center nearby, which is always packed and more physically challenging.  They’re both amazing for my mind, helping me calm the “mental chatter,” and breathe in love, breathe out peace

What I’m eating?:  Nothing sounds particularly appetizing these days — not even chili or Chipotle (my longest standing pregnancy cravings), and I get full quickly, so I’m having snacks more than meals — apples and oranges, cheese, spoonfuls of peanut butter, Udi’s toast, Larabars, protein bars, dried mangoes… I’m limiting sugar and sweets, because I’ve figured out they trigger my nausea.

Of course, we’re still making time for our Mommy Daughter dates to Menchie’s.  And Liv can’t wait for baby brother to join us, because: “He’ll be a baby, and babies can’t eat ice cream, so I can eat it for him!”

What we’re up to?:  Jared’s parents are in SoCal for a wedding and tacked on a “bonus trip” with us.  It gave us a push to get a bunch of cleaning and organization done — Liv’s “big girl room” is complete!

Baby’s room is in progress and we’re making our way through my massive “Before Baby Arrives To-Do List,” including the (sort of) unexpected replacement of one of our 10+ year old cars.  We’ll be installing the infant carseat soon!

So back to our visitors — it was such a treat having this time with Jared’s parents, who made Liv’s fourth birthday (her last one as an only child!) extra special.

The trip was more low-key than normal, but I rallied as best I could for family dinners and outings.  One of my favorite highlights was brunch at Beach Grass Cafe, followed by playtime at Fletcher Cove.

It was incredible having help with Liv — and laundry!  Jared’s mom did at least half a dozen loads of laundry!  I got to go to a couple extra prenatal yoga classes, and Jared and I even made it to a Childbirth Refresher class!

Jared’s extremely empathetic, but I don’t think he’ll be going this far… (Ha!)

On Valentine’s Day, Liv and Nonny had their own special date night, while Jared and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary at PF Chang’s before seeing La La Land (LOVED it)!  Seven years married to this guy and not sick of him yet!

Weeks 33 & 34 in Review:

  • Workouts:  10 runs, 3 walks, & 3 prenatal yoga classes
  • Miles with Cookie:  728 miles
  • Weight gained:  +19 lbs.
  • Favorite foods:  apples, cheese, peanut butter, dried mangoes
  • Cravings:  hot showers and naps
  • Next appointment:  12 days!
  • HighlightLiv’s fourth birthday was the first highlight to come to mind, but Jared’s and my “Valentinaversary” was a close runner-up.  12 years together, seven years of marriage, four years with Liv…

And our love continues to grow…


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